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Miami PC CPU Upgrade and Setup

How do you know if you can use our Miami Computer CPU Upgrade Service? Contact us today and we will find out for you.

Buying a CPU Upgrade is almost always less expensive than buying a new PC Computer. Unfortunately not all PC Computers allow CPU Upgrades. Finding out if your PC can benefit from this less-expensive option is just a contact away.

Galonet Tech Corp provides professional CPU Upgrades in Miami-Dade and Broward. We specialize in timely, professional computer repair services. We have been servicing PC Computers since 1997.

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Boost your Computer Performance

Why pay for a new computer when you can upgrade your computer CPU for less. Please make sure you have the right upgrade for your PC!

Benefits of a CPU Upgrade:

  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Reliability
  • Lower Cost than New PC
  • Latest Compatibility

CPU Upgrade Experts

Our expert CPU upgrade techs have worked with all brand CPU upgrades from AMD, Cyrix, IBM and Intel. We know CPU's inside and out, so do not hesitate for a minute.

When it comes to the CPU upgrade process, we are the experts. Our dedicated staff will make your CPU upgrade experience painless and affordable.

Contact us today to see how affordable a CPU upgrade can be and how much your older computer can benefit from its new found processing power.

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