About Galonet Tech Corp

Galonet Tech Corp: About Us

We began our journey into computer and website services by making customer service the number 1 priority.While we have weathered the ups and downs of the economy over the last decade, many of our competitors have not.

Our focus has always been to provide the best customer experience money could buy, while providing affordable computer services. Many companies in the computer service arena focus on maximizing profits which only works for the short-term; while we focus on a much longer term approach.

This approach has afforded us the luxury of building a large customer referral base, mainly due to word-of-mouth advertising.

Our primary focus is always "Customer Satisfaction", and we accomplish this goal by over-delivering on every promise while providing open communication with the client.

Company Beginning

Galonet Tech Corp began in 1997, providing affordable Computer Repair Services at home or office for individuals and small businesses. We have since grown along with the Technology Sector.

We have expanded our full line of Technology Services to include SEO (search engine optimization), Website Design, Hosting Services and Google Services consulting.

We always aim to offer great value, quality service, on-time delivery and professional courtesy. These primary objectives is what allows us to provide customer with unsurpassed Technology Services.

IT Technology Experts

Our Computer Repair Experts come from a range of different backgrounds, all having one thing in common: Dedication, Passion and Knowledge. With over a decade in the Computer Repair and Website Design business, you are guaranteed to get the best service anywhere.

Our SEO Expert team is comprised of talent in all the major roles of SEO. We have professional copy writers with a background in advertising and more than 15 years of combined experience. Professional graphic designers and web developers with over 10 years of web development experience specializing in mid-sized dynamic web sites.

We also employ professional javascript, ajax, php and mysql experts, who help in taking your concept into a production site offering the functionality you require.